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Moving into the 21st century

Members who have come on trips in the last few months will know that we have rolled out online payments for trips, online forms and the option for using Paypal for paying annual subs.

Online payments for trips using Gocardless is now standard (at organiser's discretion) and most members are choosing to use it. It is generally less work for everyone (a tick in the box to pay, no cheques need to be banked, automatic payment records for treasurer and on those exceptional occasions when we do refunds, these can be done quickly online rather than having to get a cheque with two signatures.  If you haven't already signed up for Gocardless, the information is in the weekly Hotline email.  (Cheques remain an option for those who are more comfortable with this method.)

Online trip forms for booking on trips or getting information on people's menu choices for pub meals etc etc have also been rolled out.  These automatically produce a neat summary table for the organiser with all the information collated - avoids the organiser reading lots of emails and manually copying and pasting all the information into a table. Please do complete these online forms when requested by the organiser.

Paypal and credit/debit cards can be used for paying your annual subs.  Just select that option when you go to renew.  When you use these payment methods, the payment is automatically linked to the person - no cheques for the membership secretary to bank and no need for her to manually link bank transfer records on statements records to individuals.  (Cheques and bank transfers remain an option for those who are more comfortable with these methods.)

Any queries on the technology?  Contact the friendly IT team:

PS Don't forget that our virtual pop up box office for our February barn dance/ceilidh is now open

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