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Canoeing/kayaking events this summer

We are hoping to organise the following events:

Evening canoeing up the Thames, from Limehouse Marina, and heading west towards the city with the last of the flooding tide, passing Hermitage moorings and a host of antique boats before passing under Tower Bridge, HMS Belfast and London Bridge around:  £49 for two hours. Probably early August

Afternoon or evening canoeing (possibly both!) in one London's canals, probably the Lea.  This works out much cheaper than the Thames trip as the canals can done without professional guides. Around £25 for 3 or 4 hours. Sometime in the summer when the weather is hot!
Sea-kayaking and cycling weekend in Chichester (staying at the university). July 

A canoeing add-on/extension to the Fordwich Champing weekend Sometime this summer

Also possible a visit to the Reigate Caves.