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Dolomites to Venice Cycling Trip Factsheet

The route

Toblach to Treviso (only doing this route as far as Perarolo de Cadore) then train to Alpi Polpet

Alpi Polpet to Conegliano (where we take the train to Treviso)

Jesolo to PuntaSabiona

Punta sabiona to Chioggia

Mapping apps

Ride with GPS has a range of maps including Open Cycle Map but with the free version the maps are online only.  

Locus Maps has a free version (although the Pro version which costs around £6 is slightly better) and you can choose 3 free downloadable maps from the Locus store.  The LM map for North Italy would useful for this trip.  NB  Locus Maps is only available for Androids not Iphones. 

Info about the route
We are doing part of the Munich to Venice route and some useful information can be found here but we don't always exactly follow the same routes.   For example we skip a bit in the middle by taking the train and we head for Punta Sabiona towards the end rather the Venice Mestre

Information about the island hopping across the Venetian lagoon from Punta Sabioni to Chiaggia can be found here:


Bikes for 8 people for 9 days (25.09 – 03.10.19) and 1 person for 8 days (25.09 – 02.10.19).

Bikes collected from Papinsport Via Stazione, 3, 39034 Dobbiaco BZ, Italy.  Bikes to be dropped off at the Hotel Ai Pini near Venice Mestre

6 men's trekking bikes and 3 women's trekking bikes.

Heights of people needing men's bikes:  174cm, 165cm, 165cm, 164cm, 168cm, 170cm  (for P, P, J, M, V, R*).  *R's booked for 8 days.

Heights of people needing women's bikes: 163cm, 163com, 165cm (for A, M and F).

Cost of bikes:  The total price for 9 days is 1014€: 864€ (8 Trekking bikes for 9 days) + 96€ (1 Trekking bikes for 8 days)  +54€ (drop off Mestre).  This works out ie 108 Euros for everyone except R and 96 Euros for R.

They are now letting us have the helmet rental  for free!

Accommodation  NB Make sure hotels have somewhere to put bike overnight

Padua:  Hotel Al Cason (P, J, P, M+V, F),  Casa Valentini Terrani (M+A)

Dobbiaco: Youth Hostel (A, M, M, V, R), Hotel Casa Alpino (P, J, P, F).

San Vito de Cadore:  Hotel Alemagna (P,J, P, P, M, M+V,F,R ), Hotel Marcora Palace (A + M)

Ponte dell Alpi Polpet:  La Locanda alla Stazione (P, J, P, M+V,F ), hotel Capri (M+ A,R)

Vittorio Veneto: Hotel Le Macine (P, J, P, M+V,F ), B&B Da Time (M+A), Da Caterina R

Treviso  Daddys Rooms: (P, J, P, M+ A).  You can get a washing load clothes washed for 10 Euros here at Daddys Rooms,

B+B Palazzo Raspanti: (M, V, F ), Luzzatti Rooms R

Lido de Jesolo:  Hotel Lido (P, J, P, F), Hotel Christina (M+A,R). Jesolo: Locanta all Ponte de Ferro ( M + V)

Lido de Venice: Villa Albertina (P, J, P, F), Villa Angelica (M+A), Hotel Sorriso (M + V ), Hotel Cristallo R

Chioggio  Domua Clugiae (P, J, P, M+A, M + V)


P,J,P,M,A flying out on the Monday (ie 2 nights in Padua).  Easyjet:  London LTN 13:25, Venice VCE 16:30

F flying out on similar flights (Tues or Monday?)

M Departure Tue, 24 Sep British Airways 2586 London (LGW)  13:35Terminal: S  Venice (VCE) 16:50

V Outward : British Airways BA2586 arrives Venice 16.50 on the 24th September.

R flying to Verona on 25th

Train to Dobbiaco - Toblach

P, J,  P booked advance tickets on Eurocity Brenner  80  date  25/09/2019

Departure: Verona Porta Nuova (time: 11:02);  Arrival: Fortezza Franzensfeste (time: 13:13),

Regionale Fortezza Franzensfeste (time: 13:20);  Arrival: Dobbiaco Toblach (time: 14:35).

We will buy Regionale tickets on the day from Padua to Verona

Cycling trip itinerary

Despite the fact that that you will be spending the first part cycling through the dolomites there are no steep ascents or descents as we will be cycling on the Ciclabile delle Dolomiti (Cycleway of the Dolomites) following the route of the train line that once linked Austria and Italy, one of Europe’s most scenic cycleways.

25th September (Wednesday).  Train from Verona or Padua or wherever you are staying, to Toblach/Dobbiaco (around 4 to 5 hours), check in at hotel/hostel and proceed to bike hire shop to collect bikes and check them over to ensure OK

Overnight in Toblach/Dobbiaco (around 4,000 feet above sea level).  Need a hotel with somewhere to store bike.

It is important that you've checked your bike and can get started promptly the next day.

26th September (Thursday)

Cycle from Toblach/Dobbiaco to San Vito di Cadore. 27.5 miles.

This section is on the Ciclabile delle Dolomiti  (Cycleway of the Dolomites) following the route of the train line that once linked Austria and Italy, one of Europe’s most scenic cycleways.  The first 12 miles from Dobbiaco climb  gradually up another 1000 ft to the  Cimabanche Pass which is at 5,000ft.  The gradient is gradual so not particularly difficult - this was once a railway line so trains did it!

(For those who went on the Catalonia Greenways trip, the initial climb from Olot to the col was around 500 ft, so this would be around twice that climb but spread over 12 miles so less steep.)

Overnight San Vito di Cadore

27th September (Friday)
 San Vito di Cadore to Perarolo di Cadore 19 miles

We continue our gradual descent along the cycleway of the Dolomites to Pieve di Cadore after which the cycle route is on an ancient road known as the via Alemagna or via Regia, following the Piave river.

This section also has spectacular mountain scenery.  Catch train at Perarolo di Cadore to Alpi Polpet (34 minutes).  (This avoids missing section of cyclepath)  Overnight at Alpi Polpet. 

Bike-friendly trains from Perarolo to Alpi Polpet

09:40 Perarolo Di Cadore  10:08 Ponte Nelle Alpi-Polpet
12:40 Perarolo Di Cadore  13:08 Ponte Nelle Alpi-Polpet
13:40 Perarolo Di Cadore  14:08 Ponte Nelle Alpi-Polpe
15:40 Perarolo Di Cadore  16:08 Ponte Nelle Alpi-Polpet
17:40 Perarolo Di Cadore  18:08 Ponte Nelle Alpi-Polpet
18:40 Perarolo Di Cadore  19:08 Ponte Nelle Alpi-Polpet

28th September (Saturday)

Saturday 28th September Cycle from Alpi Polpet to Vittorio Veneto (about 20 miles).

This section of the route is mainly on quiet roads and cycle paths.

We've left the Dolomites behind and are heading into Prosecco wine country with its historic villages and towns such as Vittorio Veneto and Treviso, a walled city, with medieval gates, narrow, cobbled streets and elegant elegant palazzi.

Overnight at Vittorio Veneto

29th September (Sunday) Cycle Vittorio Veneto to Conegliano  (9 miles) or to Susgna (16 miles)

 [Consider using Via Mangesa rather than Via Marcora as may be quieter].  From Conegliano or Susgana take train to Treviso (around 20 minutes).  [Not possible to take train from Vittorio to Congliano as it is a bus at this time of year] [Trains from Susgana less frequent than those from Conegliano as not all trains stop at Susgana]

Bike-friendly trains, one or two an hour from Conegliano to Treviso

This is a semi--rest day with a free afternoon to explore Treviso and its defensive fortifications, guard towers and gates plus a network of canals and bridges and other hidden waterways which flow right past the old houses. Can also get clothes washed

Overnight in Treviso

30th September (Monday) Treviso to Jesola 31 miles

We cycle through the beautiful Girasile Park on the cyclepath on the River Sile

Overnight in Lido de Jesolo

1st October (Tuesday)  Lido de Jesolo to  Punta Sabiona 17 miles.

We cycle along the peninsular to the eastern edge of the Venice Lagoon and then take a vaporetto to Lido island

Overnight in Lido de Venice

2nd October (Wednesday) Island-hopping on the Venetian lagoon from Lido  to Chioggia. We cycle the Ciclovia delle Isole which follows the the chain of unique islands along the eastern side of the Venetian lagoon -  Lido, Pellestria and Chioggia

Overnight in Chioggia

3rd October (Thursday) Train from Chioggia to Venice Mestre, 2.5 hours, return our bikes in Venice Mestre. 

Bike-friendly trains:

Chioggia 8:35 Venice Mestre 11:28 (change at Adria)

Chioggia 9:35 Venice Mestre 12:03 (change at Rovigo)

Chioggia* 12:35* Venice Mestre 15:03 (change at Rovigo) or Venice Mestre 15:28 depending on which train you catch at Rovigo. *The first leg to Rovigo is a Regionale train but not showing bike friendly - do they enforce this?

Chioggia 14:35 Venice Mestre 17:06 (change at Rovigo) or Venice Mestre 17:28

Option of staying on in Venice for those who wish. 

You will need a late afternoon or evening flight if you wish to fly home from Venice on on the 3rd.

 Alternatively after dropping off your bike at Venice Mestre (Hotel Ai Pini you can the train to Verona or Padua, overnight there and fly home on 4th October.