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Come on up to 3 events before joining (suspended - members only now due to Covid). Find out more: About us Why join FAQs Hotline. For those in London and beyond who enjoy walking, cycling, hillwalking, exploring and trips away. Most are over 35s but all ages welcome. join CLOG

Joining CLOG

We are a friendly hiking, cycling, walking and other outdoor activity club for people based in or near Greater London.

The club is run by its members for its members.  Most are over 35s (typically late 30s, 40s and 50s and 60s) but all ages (over 18) welcome.  As we are not a family group, we can't take children on our activities.

CLOG is strictly non-commercial.  Ready to join?   
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Trips away, other pre-booked events and most social events are only open to CLOG members.  For our full events calendar, click 
  • Perhaps the most active outdoor activity (non-commercial) club in London with typically four to eight events per week. These include day walks, evening walks, cycle rides, social events, weekend trips and longer holidays in the UK and abroad.  
  • Events are free, run at cost (or occasionally subsidised).
  • We offer a wide variety of outdoor events. As well as hiking, cycling, hillwalking and trips away, we also do sailing, kayaking, paddleboarding and have regular social events.
  • We are a well-established group founded in 1937 and still going strong.
  • Normally you can try us out for free and attend three events to try out the group before joining. However this is currently suspended due to coronavirus and everything is members-only at present. 

  • Annual subs are £15 for new members (for the first 12 months) then £25 for standard membership or £15 for Long Distance Members (those living far from London) or regular leaders. 
    For more information contact the membership secretary - see Contact us page.