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Large Group Cycle rides guidance

Precis based on British Cycling Way Forward Doc March 26th

 Before the activity

Participants must not attend if they have Covid-19 symptoms, have someone in their household who does, are in the extremely vulnerable category or if they have been asked to remain at home by the UK Government test and trace system.

Consider the risks when planning your route, avoiding busy areas where possible, and consider how social distancing measures may impact on the activity, including things like the areas where you start, stop or take a break.

Ensure participants are able to maintain appropriate social distancing while not riding

Ensure all participants are aware of the safety guidelines and what is expected before, during and after the activity, including how to comply with social distancing guidelines and all other health, hygiene and safety guidelines

During the activity

Participants must practice good respiratory hygiene during the activity (i.e. coughing, sneezing into a tissue or the crook of an elbow).

Riders required to maintain a ‘one metre plus’ distance from others while riding.

When riding two abreast, riders should aim to stay beside the same rider for as much of the ride as possible

Ensure all health and safety and emergency First aid guidelines are followed.

Participants must provide their own equipment and refreshments and avoid sharing the like of water bottles and food.

Refreshment stops are permitted, however at these points you should default to the Government’s general guidance for social meetings and split into wholly separate groups of no more than six riders. Individuals shouldn’t move between different groups during your stop. Make yourself aware of and adhere to all other guidance put in place by the establishment.

After the activity

Participants should wash/sanitise their hands after the session.

Participants leaving the activity must maintain social distancing.

If a participant develops Covid-19 symptoms within two days of taking part follow NHS Test and Trace guidance and inform leader so that the other participants can be quickly informed and take the necessary steps in line with NHS Test and Trace guidelines.  When informing other participants, the leader or coach should not name the person who tested positive in order to protect their privacy unless there is a specific reason.