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Using Teamup to record bookings/applications

If you are leading an event and wish to use Teamup here are the instructions:

Click on the Teamup Leaders Link (available from me upon request - just email or whatsapp me for the link).   Click List  Ignore any other CLOG events that you see and click the Green + Add Event button. 

Enter the event title and date.  Then Options, Signup.  Enable Event Signup and Enable Maximum Number and set the maximum number of attendees to reflect the attendee cap for your event. Set the signup deadline to be after your event (unless you want close bookings earlier). Set who can view signups to All Users.  Click Done and then click Save.

You've now set up your event on Teamup with a maximum number of attendees.

To generate a link to include in your booking email click on your event which now shows in the list, click Share then select As Page and copy the link and paste it into your booking email.

It is probably wise to include some instructions in your booking email so that people know how to book/Sign up for an event. For example, I include the following text in my email:

"Click on the link below and then on the blue Sign Up button.

Fill in your name and email.  You will then see a green note on the top of the screen saying that sign up was successful which means you are booked onto the ride.  If you refresh the above link you will see your name (but not your email address) at the bottom of the screen as one of the people signed up.  Other members booking on will see your name there as well so only use if you are OK with that."

Obviously you would use the booking link specific to your event.

Advantages of Teamup compared with other methods.
With Teamup, all the information is held in one place (with admin access) while still leaving leaders free to manage their own event bookings and settings.  This has advantages over individual jotforms or email bookings which are only accessible to the leader:

1/  If we are contacted by Track and Trace and the leader is difficult to contact, we can still access the booking and attendee information.

2/  We can include a list of upcoming teamup booking events on the weekly hotline eg: so that members can easily check if any of these still have vacancies

3/  Although jotforms are easy to use, Teamup is even easier!  For example:
  • If anyone cancels, leaders can just click Remove to delete them from the attendee list  (rather than having to log into the jotform and remove the relevant submission).  
  • When people book a place on a Teamup event, they can actually see straight away that they are on the list
  • Potential attendees can see how many places are still available
4/  For other purposes where we are collecting more information than just names and contact details eg trips away, then Jotforms are far better as Teamup just collects the basics.