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Some upcoming themed walks

In the Footsteps of Medieval Knights. This is a circular walk in 4 stages round the boundary of the countryside owned by Tonbridge Castle in the Middle Ages as it would have been traced by their knights to settle any land disputes. A very tentative schedule is as follows:

  • March 5. Stage 1. 12 miles linear from Shipbourne to Tonbridge via Hadlow and Moat Farm.
  • March 26. Stage 2. 10 miles linear from Paddock Wood to Tunbridge Wells via Moat Farm and Old Pembury.
  • April 23. Stage 3. 13 miles linear from Tunbridge Wells to Tonbridge Castle via Stockland Green and Penshurst Estate.
  • May 21. Stage 4. 12 miles linear from Leigh to Shipbourne via Penshurst Estate and Underriver.
The Can-Can. The Canterbury Canter is a linear walk in 8 stages from Strood to Broadstairs tracing the route of St Augustine when he was sent to convert Kent to Christianity. You can join for one or all stages. A very tentative schedule is as follows:
  • April 2. Stage 1. 10 miles linear from Strood to Aylesford via Rochester Cathedral and The Friars priory.
  • April 30. Stage 2. 12 miles linear from Maidstone to Bearsted via Aylesford and Tyland Barn.
  • May 28. Stage 3. 13 miles linear from Bearsted to Doddington via Hucking and Bredgar.
  • June 11. Stage 4. 8 miles linear from Doddington to Faversham including a visit to St Jude's Shrine and tour of Faversham.
  • July 9. Stage 5. 10 miles linear from Faversham to Chartham via Blean Woods and the North Downs.
  • August 6. Stage 6. 9 miles linear from Chartham to Sturry including a long stop in Canterbury.
  • September 3. Stage 7. 14 miles linear from Sturry to Minster via Stodmarsh and Grove Ferry.
  • October 15. Stage 8. 8 miles linear from Minster to Broadstairs including a tour of Minster Abbey by Sister Benedict and visit to St Augustine's Shrine.

Midweek Hidden London series of walks (distances 3 to 5 miles) based on the following simple concept:  
Meet at around noon or 1pm from a tube station
Partway through the walk we stop for a late lunch/afternoon tea/coffee or whatever at a cafe/eatery.  These will include:
  • Notting Hill Walk 
  • Mayfair Walk
  • Hoxton and Shoreditch Walk
  • Kensington Walk
  • Lambeth and Vauxhall Walk
  • Bermondsey and Rotherhithe Walk
  • Pimlico Walk
  • Lost City |Walk
  • Belgravia Walk
  • Lambeth North and Borough Walk
  • Bloomsbury and Fitzrovia Walk
The series kicks with the Pimlico walk on March 1st and will be approximately weekly or fortnightly after that.