New to CLOG?

Find out more: About us Why join FAQs Hotline. For those in London and beyond who enjoy walking, cycling, hillwalking, exploring and trips away. Most are over 40s but adults of all ages welcome. join CLOG


Q How much is the annual membership fee?
A New members pay £10 for the first year. Existing members pay £15 per year or £10 for those living far from London or lead walks or cycle rides regularly.  This is includes a temporary discount.

Q What does the annual subscription pay for?

A Around a third is spent on the basic running costs of the group including: website, publicity, newsletter, insurance and administration. The remaining two thirds is spent on subsidising various things like socials, certain trips or special events, donations to charities etc

Q How many members are in the group?

A Over 360.

Q What is the age range of the membership?
A At present most are over 40s.  All members must be over 18 as we are not a family group and children are not allowed on our events.

Q Who runs CLOG?

A There is an elected committee who look after the overall running of the group. The actual events are run by individual members. 

Q Roughly how many people come on CLOG activities?
A It varies depending on the event but can be anywhere between five and 25 people.

Q How do I get on trips away?
A Members receive emails explaining how to book and pay. Sometimes more people apply for places than the number available so you may not get on every trip you apply for. However the trip organiser or bookings coordinator will email you well in advance to confirm whether or not you have a place.

Q Can I take my dog on day walks?
A Often yes, provided it is well-behaved and on a lead where livestock is present, or if the leader requests, but you should check with the leader beforehand.

Q How easy or difficult are the walks and cycle rides?
Varies.  Check out the description to get a better idea.  Cycle rides are generally entry level.

Q How do members find out about CLOG Data Protection?
A Our Privacy Notice which explains what personal information CLOG holds in relation to members, how and why it is used, what is done to safeguard it and their rights in relation to this information is emailed out to all members when they join or renew their membership. It can also be found in the CLOG members area of our online drive.